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Test - Please ignore

Test - please ignore

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Restarting the New Zealand Calendar of UX Events

I’ve been talking to a few Auckland-based User Experience (UX) folk recently - discussing how we can better connect, network, learn and be inspired.

In my talks, I’ve noticed that not everyone is necessarily aware of all the various UX-related events already happening in Auckland, so I thought it would be a good idea to restart my UX Calendar of Events.

The UX Calendar lists each event individually, but here’s a brief overview of what’s already happening in Auckland:

  • Auckland Web Meetup - John Ballinger & friends organise a great event, typically with 3 speakers each time, so there's usually at least one topic of interest. And there's free beer and pizza,  and drinks afterwards - good opportunity for networking.
  • Auckland UX Book Club – Two books successfully discussed so far, and the group is growing. Thanks to Peter Grierson for kicking this off this year!
  • Auckland Pecha Kucha – Initially started by the Architecture crowd in Auckland, but topics vary and provide a great insight into how other creatives work and think. I love the format: 6 minute presentation means you never get bored.
  • Girl Geek Dinners – Monthly dinners for the more geeky women amongst us, but I’m sure they’re welcoming to everyone...
  • DINZ run occasional events, such as Designers Speak Plurals. The next one is in Auckland on 29th July. Looks like a great line-up of speakers.
  • YMedia are currently running the YMediaChallenge.
  • Design Assembly  put together an evening of talks and discussion for Graphic Designers four times a year. The next one is on 30th September. 
  • There are even rumours of an upcoming TEDx event in Auckland (Oct 1?). More info shortly. 

Let me know if I’ve missed any…

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Some links of interest…

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Tom Peters interviews Jason Fried of 37 Signals

Tom Peters interviews Jason Fried of 37 Signals (the makers of Basecamp, Ta-Da and Backpack) and talks about their design and software development philosophy. Read the interview.

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Best Software Essays of 2004

Joel Spolsky is editing a new book: a collection of the best software essays published anywhere - on the web or in print - during 2004. Nominations are now closed, but the list will make for great Christmas reading.

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Work in Progress

I'm making some changes to the website today, so some things might be broken.

Please check back later if things do not work as they should.

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