World Usability Day 2006 and Making Life Easy

World Usability Day 2006 is only 20-odd days away on Tuesday 14th November.
UPA Auckland is putting the finishing touches to what promises to be an evening of great speakers and activities – more details anon.
In the meantime, here’s another great opportunity for you to get involved in World Usability Day.
Leisa over at Disambiguity and the guys at Flow Interactive have put together a great a little project called
The aim is to get people to make some noise about the things that make their life needlessly difficult.
Confusing cash machines, unclear signs, frustrating websites – poor usability is everywhere and it gets in the way of life. Sometimes it is just annoying. At other times it stops us doing what we need to do.
World Usability Day and MakingLifeEasy is about promoting the value of user-centered design, and every user’s right to ask for things that work better.
I’m thrilled about both initiatves and have contributed a few of my Auckland pet-peeves to the project. Here’s how you can get involved too:
1. Help get more people involved! If you have a blog, give us a shout out and send people to to participate. If you have a Flickr account, join the Making Life Easy group and invite all your friends!
2. Share your examples of the best and the worst of usability where you live (or visit or holiday!). Add photos to the group and your submission will be added to the website and potentially to the Hall of Fame or Shame.
3. Cast your vote! Take a look at the website and have your say in what *really* drives you crazy and what you really love.