User Experience Evaluation

A User Experience Evaluation is a great place to start on your usability journey.

An expert evaluation will help you uncover the aspects of your website, software or product that help or hinder the experience of your users.

I’ll analyse your interface with a fresh pair of eyes, and document each usability and user experience issue I encounter. I’ll provide you with a list of short-term fixes you can implement straightaway, and practical recommendations for longer-term improvements.

You’ll know where you stand in terms of usability, and be able to use the report as a roadmap to guide future development work.


Usability Testing

A Usability Test shows you how your customers really interact with your website, software or product and they often behave very differently than what you’d expect.

Usability testing will provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers. The comprehensive and detailed findings will enable you to make informed decisions on the changes you need to make to improve the usability and user experience of your product.

And users themselves are often a great source of inspiration for creative and innovative features.


User-Centred Design Consultancy

Evaluation & testing are often carried out at the end of a project’s lifecycle. This is unfortunate, as it may be too late and too expensive to implement any changes. Applying user-centred design methods right from the start will reduce development costs by avoiding expensive reworks.

I can put you on the right track right from the start through competitor analysis, contextual analysis, development of personas, scenarios and use cases, prototyping and development of usability criteria and metrics.

Applying these methods incorporates the user’s point of view throughout project development and results in a better product.


Information Architecture

The way information is organised and labelled can make the difference between your customers finding what they want or going away frustrated and disappointed. Effective navigation and searching functionality is vital to usability.

I apply proven techniques to ensure that your website, software or product has clear meaningful menu labels, and that the information is structured in a way that makes sense to your customers. We’ll also maximize the search function of your website, software or product.

The improvements will increase productivity, reduce frustration and enhance customer satisfaction. Good information architecture will also improve your search engine rankings.


Usability Training

Usability principles and methods are based on years of scientific research into how people understand, learn and behave when using interactive systems.

There is no surer way to bring the principles of usability into the heart of your organisation than to train your staff in how to create, develop and maintain usable and accessible websites, software and products.

Each course is customised to suit your requirements and time constraints, and examples from your own site can be included as case studies and workshops in the training.